4 Free Twitter Tools For Your Marketing

4 Free Twitter Tools For Your Marketing

Free Twitter Tools to Help You

We often hear about Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many other social media platforms. I’m agree with the fact that social medias are a great place for marketing but I think Twitter is just put aside these days. Many marketers use social medias with some tools to help them to build their brand or sell their products. With the free Twitter tools that I present you today, Twitter may have its share of merit or could still be even better than many other social medias for marketing. I highly recommend to read this post wrote by Edmund Ingham (Forbes).

4 Free Twitter Tools for Your Marketing

Twitter is a unique and potentially valuable marketing channel for many reasons, not the least of which is its real-time nature. A Twitter timeline is never curated or sorted – users see every single tweet sent by the people and businesses they follow, as they are tweeted. Here are 4 free Twitter tools, very helpful, that can help you for your marketing with this social media.

1. Keyhole

The first free Twitter tool that you can use is Keyhole that tracks any hashtag, in real time. It provides insights into the number of people, tweets and the reach of any hashtag in the Twitter-verse, for any time period you choose.

Some of the stats that are pulled include a timeline of how popular the hashtag has been over your selected period, the top tweets containing that hashtag, the top websites included in the hashtagged tweets, the most influential users tweeting about that hashtag, location and demographic data, related hashtags and topics, and the top sources of the hashtag.

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This is an extremely useful free Twitter tool for marketers looking to stay on top of trends in their industry. It can also point to influencers who commonly tweet about a particular topic, and help spark content creation by identifying related topics.

2. Topsy

The second free Twitter tool is Topsy. If deep, contextual and comprehensive is your bill, Topsy would be right at the top of your list. What Topsy does is it analyses billions of tweets and web pages gathered from unique websites, blogs and social media services.

Topsy not only analyses this content, but also ranks them to find out exactly what is it that’s trending. Topsy, in short, enables users to discover, quantify, predict and make decisions using the world’s most powerful social analytics products. It’s a very informative hashtag tool.

3. TweetDeck

The third free Twitter tool is this excellent site TweetDeck. It has features of creating columns to organize your Twitter activity as well as the ability to send longer messages using their Deck.ly service which creates a shortened URL that directs followers to the rest of your tweet beyond 140 characters.

4. Commun.it

And last but not least, the fourth free Twitter tool is Commun.it. It is a Twitter management dashboard with your “Prioritized Feed” as its central feature. And essentially, this is exactly what Commun.it does – prioritizes your Twitter world for you by identifying the most influential and engaged users, and pulling the most important tweets to the forefront. It shows you interactions you’ve missed since you last checked in, and generally helps you make sure you never miss an opportunity to engage with a key follower or influencer.

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We all know that every social media platform has its own pros and cons, and Twitter is not apart. You can still use other platforms for your marketing but with these 4 free Twitter tools, I think Twitter can be included in the best social media platforms in terms of marketing.

Have you other helpful tools to share with us?

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